About Dead Aim

The Background

The dead aim putter was inspired by watching Nick Faldo and his caddie, Fannie, practice for hours on the practice green of The Augusta National in 2004. Nick had mirrors on the green and was dropping balls from the bridge of his nose in an effort to hit his ball on the green below. As he was working on getting his eyes over the aimline, Fannie was on her hands and knees retreiving balls for Nick. Nick later began to work on aiming and alignment drills. He had many gadgets and most improtantly had Fannie behind his line watching his face angle and aim. We wondered how we could help any golfer get positioned correctly and with their eyes over the aimline every time. We also wanted to find a way to teach someone to aim correctly and learn how to putt better. If it was important to a 3 time Masters winner, it must be important. It would be nice to have a caddie, professional coaches, and lots of time to hone ones skills like Nick. Out of this desire to help others putt better and practice better came Dead Aim. After over 7 years of research and development, we know we have a putter and putting system that will transform the game of golfers at every skill level.

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