The Difference

Dead Aim Vs. other sight-line putters

A very popular sight line putter encourages you to hide a bar to help make sure the putter shaft is straight and in line with your nose. To do this, they teach that you must have your eyes inside the aim-line. The Problem--Every great putting teacher from Stockton to Pelz teaches that your eyes must be directly over the aim line. Would you buy something that encourages poor fundamentals? Another popular sight-line putter encourages you to hide a color so that the lie of your putter is correct. The problem is that the variance of correction must be large because the putter can not account for how far away the golfers eyes are. It is too easy to hide the color and the loft can be off several degrees. Would you buy a rifle with a sight that you hide and can not see? The Dead Aim Putter shows you loft and Lie and encourages proper positions taught by leading Putting Gurus.


Training aids

Other laser training aids are expensive but  made cheaply, need careful calibration, and are not custom fit to your putter. They can actually encourage bad putting habits. The Dead Aim Laser is custom made for your putter and needs no calibration. It was easy to use and was custom designed by an engineering professor to have the precision used to sight rifle scopes for marksmen.

Other Center strike aids must be taped on leaving a sticky residue. Others require you to strike the flat part of the clip which is extended beyond the actual face of the putter leading to inconsistency when you try to strike the putt without the clip. The Dead Aim Center strike clip snaps on easily, requires no tape or adhesive, and allows you to strike the true face of your putter. For a real challenge, you can putt with the clip and the laser at the same time!

The Co-Inventors and Club designer

Todd Wilson

Todd is the Co-Founder and Co-Inventor of the Dead Aim Putter. The Dead Aim Putter brought him from a 8 to a 4.5 handicap over the last 12 months. Todd’s background is in Finance and he has spent the last 20 years running retail businesses in excess of $500M annually. His love of the game and desire to putt better and help others putt better has been the driving force behind the company.

Dr. David Rocheleau

Dave is an engineering professor at USC. He holds several patents and is recognized as a leader in his field. Dave is Co-Founder and Co-Inventor of the Dead Aim Putter. Dave is the driving force behind the technology and innovation at the company. While Dave is closer to a 20 handicap, he’s getting deadly on the greens.

Mark Myrhum

Mark has 20+ years designing clubs for the largest golf club companies in the world. He was recognized by Golf Digest’s hot list for designing some of the best clubs in the industry. After working at Wilson golf as their principal engineer, Mark designed a product line of Dead Aim putters that merge technology and innovation with great feel and classic looks. He is a master in his field and has brought great expertise that is recognized by the best in the golf industry.

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