Training Drills

Dead Perfect Set up: “Without a consistent set up, with your eyes over the aim line, you have no chance of making putts consistently AND no chance of learning a proper stroke”

Dead Aim Perfect Set Up Drill

1. Sole the club correctly with sole flat on the putting surface.

2. Keep the club in place and position your eyes over the ball.

3. Adjust your head and body to the putter until you see the top and bottom lines line up---be sure to not manipulate the putter, adjust your body to the putter.

4. Assume a position with your hands so the dots appear in the dead center of the holes.

5. The two outside lines are the exact width of the golf ball and serve as “railroad tracks” for your feet, shoulders, and forearms. Align your body to the railroad tracks.

6. Your eyes will be in the perfect position---directly over the aim line!!

7. Let your stroke ride the rails and “listen” for the ball to drop in the hole. Always keep your head still until well after impact--that may be the most difficult part of this drill. can set up like a the perfect position...without a caddie or a professional giving you lessons!

Dead Aim Face Alignment--- “Face alignment is 4 times more important than the path of the stroke.”

Check your aim with the Dead Aim laser

1. Turn on your Dead Aim Laser by reaching in and pressing the recessed button on the rear inside of the laser barrel.

2. Insert the laser in the holes of the putter so the collar of the laser rests snugly on the top plate of the putter.

3. Place a target behind the hole on the green.

4. Using a post-it note or other light adhesive tape (electrical tape works well too) cover the front of the laser; thus covering the laser beam.

5. Take your stance and line up your putt so your club face is square to the hole.

6. Have a collegue reach down, and without moving the club head, remove the post-it, and observe where the laser dot strikes the target.

7. If the laser dot does not strike dead center, take corrective action and repeat the drill until when the post-it is removed the laser dot always strikes the center of the target.

Dead Aim Face Alignment Drill

1. Turn on your Dead Aim Laser by clicking the button.

2. Insert the laser in the holes of the putter so the collar of the laser rests snugly on the top plate of the putter.

3. Place a target behind the hole on the green.

4. The laser will shine over the top of a golf ball and emit a light on your target. Keep the light above the ground at about the exact height as the golf ball to insure that your face angle is correct .

5. Start with 3 foot putts and practice taking dead aim at the center of the hole.

6. You will soon have the precision to aim at precise sections and sides of the cup.

7. As you get comfortable, work your way back to 4, 5, and 6 foot putts.

Studies show that by simply practicing with the Dead Aim Laser 10 minutes a day for ONLY a couple weeks, your eyes become trained to Take Dead Aim. Otherwise,we could not offer our GUARANTEE that you will make 30% more putts inside 10 feet in 30 days!!

Dead Aim Path---“Whether you putt straight back--and--straight through, or open to square, if the laser dot stays on the path, your face is square to the path, and you will develop a pure stroke.”

Dead Aim Path Drill

1. Turn on your Dead Aim Laser and secure it firmly on your Dead Aim Putter.

2. Place a target on the ground behind the hole about 4-5 feet away and shine the laser dot at the target---keep the laser dot the height of a ball above the ground.

3. Without using a ball, take a very slow normal stroke.

4. Your goal is to have the laser dot stay on a straight line between your target and where your ball would be. At first the laser dot may go all over the place; but keep practicing.

5. Repeat very slow strokes until you can keep the laser dot tracking on the line to hone a pure putting stroke.

6. You also want to concentrate on the laser dot during the follow through. Keep the dot moving straight up the intended line.

Center Strike Clip Drills

1. Short Putt Drill:
Insert the center strike clip and select a level putt. Practice with 3 balls from 3 feet of length. The goal is hit 3 putts in a row in the hole without hitting the prongs of the center strike clip. When you can accomplish this, move to 5 feet and try again. Many will find that a smoother shorter stroke is required to accomplish this.

2. Roll only drill:
With the center strike clip on, address a straight 3 foot putt. Allow the face of the club to gently touch the ball while at address while the prongs frame the ball on both sides of the sweet spot. Without taking the club back, gently complete your stroke by pushing the ball, and follow through towards the hole. The goal is to roll the ball into the hole. The key is a smooth, slow and low finish towards the hole. The ball should roll into the cup and the prongs should not steer the ball offline.

3. True aim Breaking putt drill:
Insert your center strike clip and select a 4 foot breaking putt. Pick your aim point and practice rolling your putt towards the true aim line of the putt. This drill will help you to commit to your aim point. The center strike clip will not allow you to steer a breaking putt.

4. Aim and contact drill Combo Drill:
For a real challenge, your center strike clip and laser were designed so that they can be used together. Place the center strike clip on first and then lock the laser in place on top of your center strike clip. Train by placing a target behind the hole and start with shorter putts before working up to longer putts of 8-10 feet.

5. Lag Putt drill:
Once you have mastered hitting an 8-10 foot putt with the center strike clip, you will naturally want to attempt a 20-30 footer. The key is to keep the eyes over the ball and head steady until the stroke is complete.

“Practice does not lead to perfection, Perfect Practice Leads to Perfection”

You will find that the drills described above will teach you how to have a pure stroke. Remember to use your natural ability to do this. Do not manipulate the club. Just be mindful of a smooth stroke.

We’ve watched beginners and scratch golfers gain confidence and and skills they have never experienced before....AND it’s so easy!!!


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