Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the batteries last on the laser?

The batteries should last for 6 to 8 hours continuous operation. If you use the laser 10 minutes a day, the batteries should last two months.

How do I replace the batteries?

The batteries are replaceable. They are GPA76 Battery - 1.5V Alkaline Button Cell Battery. You'll need three (3) of them. Carefully screw off the back plastic cap. Remove the metal laser cylinder. You may need pliers to grasp the metal laser cylinder to pull it out. Pull the metal laser cylinder straight out. Remove the black laser cap by unscrewing it from the metal laser cylinder. Before removing the batteries, note their orientation (+/-) so you stack the 3 fresh batteries and load them the same way. Assemble in the reverse order. Note of caution...the back plastic cap on the laser has very fine threads that are easily cross-threaded-and-stripped--be very deliberate in gently screwing it back on.

Where can I get the batteries?

Radio Shack sells the batteries but the cost is quite high. You can purchase the batteries on line for a very reasonable price.

What retail stores carry the Dead Aim Putter?

Dead Aim putters are available from Top Golf Pro Shops and Golf Specialty Stores nationwide, including:

  • Forest Lake Club, Columbia, SC
  • Pro Golf Discount
  • Puetz Golf
  • Fiddlers Green
  • Haggin Oaks GC
  • Golf and Ski Wearhouse
  • World of Golf

If you are unable to find our putter at your favorite golf shop or golf store, ask the store to contact us toll free at 855-4-DEADAIM (855-433-2324) to send them a putter which you can demo.

Are there other online retailers that carry the Dead Aim Putter?

Yes, besides purchasing your Dead Aim putter directly from us at Dead Aim Putters, you can also purchase Dead Aim putters on-line from The Golf Warehouse , In the Hole Golf or through Golfsmith

I am a retail store; who do I contact so that I may carry the Dead Aim Putter in my store?

Contact Dave Gast, Director of Sales North America, at (949) 291-6642 or by e-mail

What if I want to return a putter?

Dead Aim offers a 30-day money back guarantee! If any Dead Aim product does not improve your game, Dead Aim will exchange or refund the product purchase price for items purchased through our call center or website when the customer returns at, or within, 30 days of use. The customer will pay for freight on all non-defective merchandise. All returns are subject to a restocking fee of $19.95.

If you are within the 30 day money back guarantee and would like to return your Dead Aim purchase, please use your order number as the RA# and send the product back to the below address. Please put the RA# on the outside of the box, or on the actual shipping label.

Attn: Dead Aim Putters
1153 Davidson Rd
Lexington SC 29072

We suggest that you get a tracking number for your return shipment so that you can verify that the product was returned. In order to issue the refund, we will need verification that the product was sent back (tracking number) or the actual product. If there is no tracking information to verify the return or we do not receive the returned product, we cannot issue a refund.

On any returns that included custom work, the price of the customization cannot be refunded.

If you choose to return your Dead Aim Putter, you MUST include a copy of your original receipt with your return, or a note that includes your invoice number, name, address, phone number, and email address. Please also let us know your reason for the return. Your account will be credited for the price of the club(s) you ordered minus the restocking fee. Once we process your return it will take 5-7 business days for the funds to show in your account, depending on your bank.  

The Center strike clip is tough to remove.
How do I safely insert and remove The Center Strike Clip?

1. Hold the center strike clip by the flat surface with the prongs facing downward.

2. Allow the prongs to slide down in front of the putter face and line up the post of the center strike clip with the second hole on top of your TW-3D.

3. Press down firmly, matching up the post of the Clip with the second hole of the putter, until the the clip is firmly in place.

To Remove (Important):

1. Place your finger in between the bottom plate and the top plate of your putter.

2. Push upward in order to pop the clip out the hole.

Note: Do not remove the clip using the prongs to pry or pull it out. This may bend or break the clip.

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