If you want to lower scores, you must do it with the club you hit 43% of your shots with. Putting lab results show that your aim or face angle is 4 times more important than your stroke path. Results also indicate that the average golfer can not line up a 6 ft putt. The average golfer does not set up correctly, aim correctly, or practice correctly.

The leading instructors all teach that you must get your eyes over the aim line and set up consistently if you want any hope of putting better.


The patented sight-line technology in the dead aim putter will not only get your eyes over the aim line every time (by matching the top line to the bottom line), it will also give you immediate feedback as to whether your hands and body are in the correct position by keeping the dot in the dead center.


Once you are set up correctly and consistently, you can learn and develop a proper stroke. must learn how to aim like the pros.

The dead aim putter is the only putter with the patented technology to drop in precision training devices that allow you to practice perfectly. Our studies show that by practicing with our laser attachment, golfers improve their aim by over 30%. The confidence realized by setting up correctly and aiming correctly leads to more putts finding the hole.


Dead Aim also has a center strike clip that easily snaps in and allows you to adjust your stroke to the sweet spot of the putter. This hones your stroke and your distance control.

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